Can anybody really make changes to my Google My Business™ Listing?

Google My Business Frustration

Yes, they can.

Even though it really isn’t fair to most business owners, anyone can make suggests and change or edit your business listing. Yes, people, like your competition, or just random people with nothing better to do in their life. These changes, generated by users, can be made on your listing and go live, without and you might not even be notified the changes have been made. This includes changing your physical business location.

google sometimes makes changes to your Google My Business™ listing because they discover new information form somewhere else on the internet. It could be an old address that is still hanging around on an old directory somewhere, or who knows what. the point is that it happens and if you don’t know about it. It could be weeks or months of damage to your business without you even knowing why.

Depending on the situation, when people make “suggested edits,” the changes can go live without your ever being notified. In a perfect world you would get and email form Google when changes are made, but many times these messages, well, never come. So it’s best to log in to Google My Business frequently to check your listing to ensure that all of your information is correct and accurate.